Thursday, October 15, 2015

Venkman's Revisit

I can't figure out this place but I keep coming back over and over again... It ain't for the Ecto Cooler but it is across from the Bantam Pub which I like a lot. Maybe it's also the vibe and location that is kinda hidden away from the masses. Or maybe it's the food that keeps my interest. Whatever it is, they got my attention. They do have their liquor license now so maybe it's the booze and the cool bartenders that's making my bloated muffin top a little less pouch-conscious and welcomed. Let's take another look and bite at this cool grubby music joint...

Pastrami-Wurst. Brussels Kraut, Creole Mustard, Pretzel Roll. I like the way they played this. It's like a hot dog for a real man. The brussels kraut was cute and tasty, the wieny wurst was meaty and the pretzel roll was nice but maybe just a tad on the thick side. The fries were crispy and had the right toothiness inside.

Chicken Fried Tofu. JalapeƱo Slaw, Smoked Honey Mayonaise, Sweet Potato Bun, Pickled Peas w/ Carolina Rice. I'm like c'mon, a cheekan fried tofu? Sounds interesting but could be also a total shitshow... What do the pouch gotta lose? It ain't any weight, so go for it. Believe or not this was actually pretty tasty. Real nice crispy batter/crust and the tofu was seasoned which was surprising. The slaw was good but maybe better on the side. The sweet tater bun was spot on and good choice for this sando. The side of pickled peas and Carolina rice was interesting and it grew on me with each bite.

Porky Sticky. Pork rillettes breaded and deep fried... Total fucking excess but it was pretty damn tasty. They are bigger than they look, unlike me... I'm grower not a shower. If you can eat this entire serving, you may be a bigger slob than the pouch. After eating one, I was pretty much in a coma. Share this with four people... At least. I would get this again because... C'mon, fried porky sticks!

This joint is getting on the right track, the music is great, the food is coming together nicely, and the booze are in stock even though they could use more variety of the brown juice... But there's not much to complain about overall. It's just a cool place to hangout. A bunch of us closed the fucking joint down one Saturday night... Thank baby Jesus, Bantam Pub was just a skip and a hop away to continue boozing into the early AM... I still don't know how the fuck I got home. But I do need to try the fried chicken again... Hopefully, they made some improvements on it because it almost Jedi mind tricks me to get it every time I step foot in here.

740 Ralph McGill Blvd NE
Atlanta, GA 30312
470) 225-6162 

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