Monday, March 16, 2015

O4W Pizza

I know what y'all are saying, what the fuck is a New Jersey pizza? Isn't it just a NY style 'ZA with a bad accent? Yes and no... Most NJ 'ZA is basically a NY 'ZA but Jersey does have their own special pie called a Tomato Pie where the cheese and "toppings" go on the pie first then the sauce. It's made with a thin or thick crust but thin is preferred. The only place you can truly find this type of NJ tomato pie is in Trenton but make sure you bring a weapon when entering their borders. Let's get back to the pizza and see what's going on... They are subtle differences between pies from NY and NJ, most can't tell but we'll see if we can spot them. Will this joint finally be the answer to Atlanta's awful NY style 'ZA or will it just be a disappearing conversation that has been had over and over again over the years...

Jersey Round Pie. Only people from NY/NJ can really tell the difference. The sauce and cheese is pushed out almost to edge of the crust with almost no rise, standard NY pie has about an inch to inch and a half of crust with a small rise, the cheese amount is a bit more generous than NY, and the sauce is also a bit more sweeter.

Thin crackly crust on the edge but pliable towards the center, the way it should be. The cheese is a quality low moisture mozzarella with a denser bite and a very good pull factor... There is also no grease factor here which I kinda missed on the NY slice but after all it is a Jersey pie. This is a good pie can't complain too much on this. Does this pie do justice to the tri-state ex-pats here? Yes, it does but I'm stilling waiting for that elusive real NY 'ZA. It's a good start, though.

Meatball Parm. Ok, there is no pissing contest between NY and Jersey over a meatball parm sub. The only thing that matters is that it should be well made with quality ingredients. And this sub answers yes to the above. Is it the best meatball sub I have ever had? Hell no, that goes to Parm NYC but I would take this any day of the week. The meatballs are soft and flavorful with the standard Italian spice mix with a nice slight pink hue inside, a sign that they were slowly braised either in a nice stock or sauce after browning. They cut the balls in half which is a sin but since they're pretty sizable, I can forgive them this time. The sauce is the same as the 'ZA but the sweetness works better in a meatball sub. The low moisture mozz held things together well and the ricotta gave it that smoothness to finish it off. The garlic roll was toasted nicely and had the adequate crunch factor but still soft inside without having to tear it apart with force which abuses your gums... Anyone who has had a sub with an overly hard roll knows that they are a killer on your gums. This was a respectable meatball parm sub. I enjoyed it.

I'm glad they're doing the lord's work up in this piece... We needed something to remind us of our hometown and this does it as much as it can for the time being. The Grandma and Fresh Mozz looked pretty decent as well as the white pizza... Just stop it with the gluten free shit. I have yet seen a single Eyetalian who claims to be gluten-free. No self respecting paisano would... Well, I think the Sitch said it once but he also claims he's a DJ... He's more ginz-free instead of gluten-free. So, he doesn't count.

660 Irwin St.
Atlanta, GA 30312


Jason Riedy said...

The GF pizza is because some people *cannot* eat it otherwise without severe consequences. In this case, my wife, a good friend of Jake's... He made sure an incoming pizza place would be GF in part so some of his friends could eat there.

Anonymous said...

The Granny Pie is quite nice. The space is "peculiar" but a nice change from the more sterile KSM.

Jake said...

Love your writing style, Mr. Gastronome, sir. Just wanted to mention that O4W Pizza is at 660 Irwin Street vs. 600.

Anonymous said...

Nome, have you been to the duluth location?

that dude has gained at least 75 pounds since he arrived in ATL

I guess pizza isn't much of a health food nome